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Social Media Insights

Extract valuable data from social media platforms effortlessly. Monitor trends, analyze engagement, and gain insights for marketing strategies.

Raw HTML Scraping

Harness the power of accurate and reliable raw HTML scraping. Aggregate content, conduct market research, and gather data seamlessly.

Dynamic Content Extraction

Stay ahead with JavaScript rendering support. Effortlessly scrape dynamic content from modern websites, ensuring comprehensive data extraction.

Managed Social Endpoint Scraping

Delegate complexities. Let our API handle parsing for social endpoints, enabling you to focus on utilizing scraped social data effectively.

Cost-Efficient Resource Scraping

Harness the power of accurate and reliable raw HTML scraping. Aggregate content, conduct market research, and gather data seamlessly.

Flexible Data Parsing without Proxy Hassles

Experience flexibility in data parsing without managing proxies. Our API ensures a smooth and uninterrupted data scraping process.

Seamless API Integration for Easy Use

Effortless integration with our straightforward API, making data scraping a seamless experience. No complexity.

Dynamic Content with JavaScript Rendering

Harness the power of dynamic content with JavaScript rendering. Ensure accurate and comprehensive data extraction from modern, interactive websites.

Hassle-Free Proxy Management

Leave proxy management to us. Our advanced system seamlessly handles proxies, ensuring secure and uninterrupted data scraping without the hassle.

Receive Parsed Data,
Ready for Action

Receive data in a structured and usable format. Our service
goes beyond raw scraping, delivering parsed data that’s ready
for analysis and application.

Transparent and Flexible
Pricing for Every User

Choose the plan that best suits your requirements



For Casual Users and Exploration

500 Scraping Credits

Standard API Access

2 Concurrent Threads

Basic Data Parsing

Email Support


$29.99 / mo

Ideal for Growing Projects

1500 Scraping Credits

Enhanced API Access

5 Concurrent Threads

Advanced Data Parsing

Priority Email Support

Customizable Proxy Options


$149.99 / mo

Tailored for Agencies and Enterprises

5000 Scraping Credits

Full API Access

Unlimited Concurrent Threads

Expert Data Parsing and Custom Endpoints

24/7 Priority Support

Dedicated Account Manager

Enterprise-Grade Proxy Options

Frequently Asked

Common questions about refunds, testing, proxies, and more.

Can i ask for refund if i am not satisfied with the DATA?

In this case, we offer FREE TRIAL credits. You test yourself and if the data matches your expectations then you add fund. We can not refund your money as resources has been used and those resources costs us.

Can I test the service before committing?

Absolutely! Sign up for a free account, and you’ll receive 500 free scraping credits to explore our service and ensure it meets your needs.

Crypto Payment Accepted here?

Of course, We accept crypto for bulk purchases. Please reach us at s[email protected] and someone will handle your request. 

Do i need proxies?

Absolutely NO. We handle everything. You just PAY and GET the DATA.

What is the Export Format?

sometimes CSV file

Thread Extension, is it possible?

If you need more threads then you must contact us at [email protected] with the subject THREAD EXTENSION. We do not allow thread extension initially but if you are investing enough surely we can extend the threads. 

What happens if credits deducted with wrong data?

We will check and refund the credits for you 🙂

IF credits deduction was wrong, what happens?

We refund credits in the dashboard.

Can you guys add some features? A few scraping endpoints?

Of course yes, as long as it is in demand and you are an active client.